Top 5 Spying apps for Android 2021

There was a time when school was the only place where a kid can study and enjoy at the same time. Although many students mostly hated to go School but everything changed since the corona hit the world, leaving many education institutions close down. Now students are wanting to go back in there. Things like Online classes, Video assignment coming in kid’s life. My sister also doing all these things and sometimes it makes me sad how she continuously revolve around my Aunt’s phone. There are many kids having there own smartphones these days and we can’t say anything since it is becoming their dire need. My aunt used to worried about her daughter to not learn any inappropriate things and I am sure many of you too go through this. But now she’s completely fine after I tell her about Spying apps.

What are they? In the next section we’ll get some of the basic knowledge about spying apps and will later discuss about some of the best Android spying apps for you. Keep going.

Also you can use the table to jump right in, on the topic which you are looking into.

What are Spying apps?

Nowadays, Kids are getting smart in terms of technology compare to their parents. You may think that how to spy him/her so that you can keep an eye on him so that he/she cannot fall in wrong track. Spying them can be difficult since they are more advance in terms of technology than you.

Nevermind, we have Spying apps for you. There are various types of Spying apps which are available in market. They all are good and provide different features. People tend to spy on their partner so that they can know what they are actually and do tegu are cheating on him or not?

There are a lot of Spying apps available which promises to do all the things and it might be difficult for you to choose from them. How to find which one is suitable for you? 🤔 Don’t worry, I am here for you! I’ll going to provide a list of best 5 Spying Apps for Android with it’s pros and cons. Let’s start.

1. Spyic


The top place is captured by none other than Spyic. With the simple design and easy accessibility it’ll become easy for you to check out your kid time to time. The varieties of features which this application have are quite useful and you can even spy your lover and employees too. 😉 Isn’t this amazing?

Furthermore, you can keep an eye on the number of phone calls which ae made by your significant one and also in their message too. On the other hand, The contact list of the target device can also be visible through this spying app. So, if you are wondering if your partner is cheating on you or not, Take Spyic help.

But, but, but!

There are very less people who message through the default messaging app and prefer the social media sites. No problem, this app will make your this doubt clear too. Yes, you heard it right.

I was amazed too when I heard the features of this Spying app but trust me it is GREAT. Now, you can keep an eye on the social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and more, very easily.

Moreover, you can also look at the photos which are shared between the two persons. Isn’t this Amazing? The photos are directly comes to your screen whenever you want to look.

Now, the other problems which might be big for people to look where there young kid is going? So, Sypic will allow to you track the location of your child and will continuously inform you about them. Use spy location feature to help in tracking your young kid.

The screenshot from Instagram newsfeeds, Goggle tab, Facebook feed and snapchat screenshot are also visible of the target phone to you. Not only this but also the history and screenshot of the of the things which your kid read. Now, this will also tell you what your kid interest in reading about.

We all are aware and known about the inappropriate content which are shown as ads and it is impossible to get rid of

So, with all these points you can say that Spyic is a great app for spying in the android phone. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the Spyic application.

Pros –

  • This app have Simple and sober design for its user
  • Anyone can easily use Sypic
  • The Photos on the target device are easily watchable and accessible
  • Provide Key logger and it works perfectly.
  • Access the calendar activities in the target device.

Cons –

  • You cannot be able to download the videos in the target device which isn’t good.
  • Web history and location sometimes didn’t work

Subscription Plan of Spyic

Spying apps

As you can see 👆 the subscription fees are divided vinto different category and you can choose the one which you want.

  • The basic plan costs – $39.99 per month,
  • The premium pack – $49.99 per month
  • The family pack – $69.99 per month

We recommend you to go for 3 months or 12 months pack because it’ll help you to save a large amount of money.

2. FlexiSPY

This spying application provide advance level of features that are rarely given by any other spying app. You’ll be able to track the person without even the phone isn’t rooted. Some of the features which FlexiSPY provide to their user are –

  • Call Recording.
  • You’ll be able to watch Video from the target.
  • Capturing the photos.
  • You can even listen to the surrounding voices.

The most wonderful thing about this application which is equally funny is that you’ll be able to get notification if the target smartphone have change his/her SIM. Moreover, you’ll be able to check the keylogger of your kid.

You can keep an eye also on the apps which are installed in the smartphone of your kid. FlexiSPY have this amazing features to tell the information about the Installed app.

As I mentioned above that this application can detect the voice of surrounding I was not kidding at all. The mother’s of most of the teenage kid worried about their child and his future. Most of the younger generation hunks their classes and go out for party. Now with FlexiSPY you can listen to the surrounding of your kid and can go what’s going around him and her. Not only this but you can take a look and shoot a video by getting the control of the Camera of the targeted device.

Talking about the next feature which is keylogger. Now if your kid is reading anything in the internet and you have to know about it, Then you can make this possible. FlexiSPY will provide you the copy of the things which your kid is reading at that time. Moreover, this feature will also tell you about all the different apps where someone is typing something.

Pros –

  • You can Fully control on the target device remotely.
  • There are advanced features such as Call Recording without performing rooting.
  • Provide best Keylogger.
  • Flexispy gives quite good support service.
  • You can even hide rooting traces.

Cons –

  • Extreme and premium plans are quite expensive.

Subscription program of FlexiSPY


This 👆 is the subscription plan of FlexiSPY

  • The LITE plan costs – $29.95 per month
  • PREMIUM plan costs – $68 per month
  • EXTREME plan costs – $199 for 3 months.

Again in this spying app too, 3 months or 12 months are life saver and you can choose the PREMIUM plan for saving lot of money.

3. Cocospy


This application, which works as a spying app can get the details of the call information of the target device after and before the app is installed. You can even get the information of the contact list and easily check out the numbers of the people who are saved in the device.

With the help of CoCospy you can keep an eye on your lover, your kids and even your employees. The Location Service is helpful to find the location of your significant one. You can track down the places which are visited by your kid or lover. This app works great with location service.

Coming to next feature, this app will update you about the messages which are received by target smartphone. It doesn’t matter if the messages are spam or from companies or even the normal message, Cocospy will show you any SMS which is sent in the  Android smartphone.

Furthermore, if you are wondering that your kid might be watching some of the things which aren’t supposed to be for him then you can track it too. This app will allows you every single detail about the web browsing history. Also it doesn’t matter if your kid removed it from the web, you’ll be able to see it.

The only disappointment which I felt was this application isn’t work great with Social media. Although some of the social media application like Instagram works great and show every single notification to me . But there are also some apps in which this application doesn’t work properly like WhatsApp.

Pros –

  • The speed to getting notification from the target device to the host is quite fast.
  • SIM card notification will help you.
  • The feature of photo tracing works great.
  • No rooting is required in Cocospy.
  • Jailbreaking is needed to monitor the target phone.

Cons –

Your phone might lag.

Web browsing history doesn’t work properly.

Subscription of Cocospy Spying apps.

Cocospy app

Cocospy has also provide various type of plans for their users.

  • The Basic plan cost – $39.99/month,
  • Premium plan cost – $49.99/month,
  • The Family plan cost – $69.99/month

4. KidsGuard Pro

As the name suggests, this is app designed especially for kids. They provide the basic features like –

  • Tracking of phonecalls,
  • Messages on social media,
  • Have access of videos and photos,
  • Keylogger
  • location tracking,

And many more features you get some of the advanced features as well.

The call recording option works great and you can easily listen to the target phone calls. This feature works just fine and is one of the most favorite feature and I personally love this one. A point to remember here that the sound may become louder but the sound is pretty audible.

Once, you got access of the target phone, you can easily get the access and take the screenshot of the target phone. Moreover, you can get access of your kid rear camera through this application.

You’ll definitely love the Take photo features and it’ll update you with the fresh photos within 15-20 seconds and you don’t need to get the access of the target phone.

Everything the target phone have from the photos in the phone to the call recording, you can do everything from it.

The Keylogger was beyond amazing and any spying app which is available on market cannot match with it. Yes, the Keylogger of KidsGuard Pro will make show you all the keystrokes of all the different types pf application which the target phone use. To understand more, if your kid is type anything in any application it’ll be shown to you easily. The speed of showing keystrokes in keylogger section is really fast so if you are looking for anything like this, KidsGuard Pro is for you.

If your child invest a lot of time in Social media then this app will help you with that. Additionally, You can go through the Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook or even Snapchat accounts easily and check the activities of your kid. So now how it works?

If your child is texting someone you’ll get all the messages which are receive by him/her. More importantly you can even receive the screenshot of the things while your kid is going through his social media accounts. Now with the help of this, you can easily know that what your kid is reading and with whom he is talking in their social media.

Now, All of these super helpful features can be used while the app in your phone runs in super detective mode and know one knows about it . So using KidsGuard Pro you can easily monitor the activities of your kid and lover.

Pros –

  • The data sync ability is quite Impressive.
  • The tracked is absolutely right.
  • Keylogger works amazingly on the apps.
  • Use advance features without rooting
  • Tracking of social media with screenshots makes your tracking more reliable.
  • You can take the photos remotely from the target phone anytime

Cons –

  • In Call recording, the voice of the next person might become louder.
  • Sometimes the Location feature doesn’t work.

Subscription plan of KidsGuard pro –

Spying apps

The pricing is mentioned in the chart and you can actually go for 3 various type of plans based on the your device.

  • The 1-Month Plan cost – $29.95/month.
  • The 3 month plan cost – $16.65/month,
  • The 1-Year Plan cost – $8.32/month.

5. mSpy


mSpy is another spying application which is great for spying into the other devices.

Like the other spying apps, mSpy also allow you to access the videos and images which are being saved in your kid device.

If you’re scared that your kid might go into different areas without your permission then you can use the Location feature to track there position. The feature of Geofencing is a great help. With it you can create a imaginary fence and whenever your child go out of that particular area, you’ll be notified. Isn’t this GREAT?

Nowadays every kid and teenager uses the social social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and infact there are apps which you haven’t heard such as kik, line can also be spy using mSpy.

On the other hand, The Keylogger function work great in this and even the website bookmark is worth checking. So, if your kid has bookmarked any of the website, you can check them easily.

Moreover, if your kid is using any other Wi-fi network without your permission you can check them easily.

The number of ingoing and outgoing calls can also be tracked while much efforts. Infact the number of emails which are received and sent through the target device are not a big task to access through this spying app.

Pros –

  • Anyone can easily use this application
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Access to enough features without rooting
  • Geofencing feature available for more security.
  • Moreover, mSpy also helps you to block the unnecessary apps which are installed in the target phone.

Cons –

  • There is a option to monitoring one data at a time only.
  • It takes time to transfer the data from target device to you.

Subscription information about mSpy

Mspy pricing image

  • The one month plan cost –$29.99 per month.
  • The premium plan costs – $69.99 per month,

Saving the money become easier when you go for 3 months or 12 months subscription.


We have provided you the best 5 Android Spying application that works perfectly. The world is getting more into digitalization and parents have to keep their kids in the right track. Small kids, teenagers are unknown to the reality of the world, without property guidance they easily fall into the trap of wrongdoings and it is hard to come out from it. The parents, who are constantly afraid of this might need something for them to help.

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