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Podcast Addict

Do you remember the time when Radio and FM were famous around the world? Will you believe if I say that people still listen to this FM and Radio? Yes, most of the people do and that’s where the introduction of Podcast Addict takes place. In this article, we will take you to a beautiful journey of Podcast and will answer some of the FAQs. Stay till the end to know everything about Podcast Addict.

Before heading to further, Do you know what is Podcast?

I know Some of you don’t know that’s why let’s clear it first. The podcast is audio which people tends to listen. It comes in a series, basically which we called episode, which conveys something. The podcast can be stories, TED talks, motivational speeches, jokes or anything which people love to listen. You can watch their faces but can only listen to their voice.

So, there is a lot of platforms which are generally made for Podcasting and they attract a lot of people. One of the famous is Podcast Addict.If you are interested in this type of blog you can read my latest blog Top 5 spy apps.

Podcast Addict – What is it?

Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is one of the famous platforms for people who love to listen to the podcast. Currently, it is available for Android users only and not for iOS user. The popularity of this application can be understood by its User and positive reviews. With over 10 Million + Download in Play Store, this application is something you can look for. The best thing about this application is, it is Free.

Podcast Addict – Where to get it?

If you are looking to download this application, you can search in Google Play Store.

  • Install the application i.e. Podcast Addict
  • After installing, it will appear on your home screen. OPEN IT

On the Next screen, the application will ask you to sign in with Google Drive. However, it is optional but I recommend you to do it. Why? Because it will act as a Backup.

  • The app will ask you to tap anywhere to start.
  • Podcast Addict will ask you to access your Google account, Click on ALLOW.

If your device is Android 6.0 or above, the app will ask you permission to optimize your Battery life. How to do it?

  • Go to settings
  • Open Battery Optimization menu.
  • Add Podcast to ‘Not Optimize’ list.
  •  Then you are good to Go.

Podcast Addict – what can you listen here?

This application has a vast variety of things, with over 750K podcast, 120K radios and 20K radio books which you can enjoy. If you are a person who loves to read novels but couldn’t because of the busy schedule, No problem.

In the podcast, you can listen to your favourite novel and at the same time can do your work. Famous novels like Pride and prejudice are available free. Moreover, you can listen to comedy shows, hit music, News and many more.

How to listen to a Podcast?

To listen, you have to perform the following steps –

  • Search the audio which you wanted to listen.
  • Click on the episode and Download them.

Note – If you are not connected with Wi-Fi your Download process may not proceed. If you want to download them using your Mobile Data.

  • Go to App Settings.
  • Click on Network and find Network there.
  • Enable ‘No restriction’ in streaming.

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Review of this Application

Podcast Addict has 4.7 ratings in the Play Store which is such a huge achievement in itself. Let’s see how the user reacts to this application.

Leila Valentine

“Very happy with this app keeps everything simple and organized. It’s easy to see and download items in my feed and delete things when I’m done with them. I have tried other apps and used to use Apple’s Podcast app on my iPad, which grew more and more frustrating with their updates. Been using the Podcast Addict free version on android for long enough now and just donated today, thanks for the great app!”

Michael Bell

“Low Key the best RSS Feed Reader on the app store, even if it doesn’t broadcast it in the app’s name or tags. (The fact the RSS logo is hidden in the thumbnail should give you an idea of how it works). Only nitpick I have is that the in-app “search engine” only searches podcasts and not text-centric RSS feeds, but it’s still more versatile than it may appear. I appreciate how using Firefox allows me to open Youtube channels in-app to subscribe. That’s a nice touch. Complements Feedbro pretty well.”


Even though people are getting more into digitalization, Podcast Addict is helping people to regain their interest in listening. With over 10 Million plus user, Podcast Addict is helping individuals to keep there listening interest go on.

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Frequently asked questions

1. Is Podcast Addict is free?

Podcast Addict is free to download and you can enjoy the unlimited listening of your favourite genre. However, it comes with subscription too. This is an Add-free premium and requires the one-time payment of $8.43.

2. Is Podcast Addict worthy?

Yes, podcast Addict is 100% worth to try. You can download it from Play Store and enjoy the podcast. Furthermore, allow it’s a user to download the audio and doesn’t uses much data.

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