Full Metal Panic Season 5 – Everything That You Must-Know

If you have already binged Full Metal four seasons and looking for its fifth season then you highly in need of this article. 

We have mentioned everything about the Full Metal Panic Season 5 that you have must know about it. So, to dive deep into the fifth sequel be with us until the end. 

Let’s explore all the details together

Full Metal Panic

Full Metal Panic Season 5

Full Metal Panic is Japanese series packed with action, mecha, and military to entertain all its audience. The series is based on the light novel that is drafted by the Shoji Gatoh and illustrated well by Shiki Douji. 

The series follows a male protagonist Sousuke Sagara, who is a part of the anti-terrorist private military organization named Mithril, to shield the Kaname Chidori, a high school girl. 

With the completion of the four seasons, fans are eager to know whether there will be season 5 or not. Let’s start with the show happening chances: 

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Full Metal Panic Season 5 – Is There Any Chance for Its Comeback?


Well, if you panicking about whether season 5 will be back or not then don’t panic about this one. Energetically, the season has high chances for its sequel. There are solid reasons available for its renewal. 

Firstly, Xebec has decided to resume the series after 13 years of the launch of season 3. It is proof of the show’s hard-core fans and its amazing plot. Secondly, enough source material is available, although the original light novel series has ended the creators have several manga adaptations that can be utilized for season 5. 

So, considering all the above reasons, there are high chances for its sequel. However, there is high uncertainty in the anime industry and nothing can be predetermined until or unless there is no official news regarding it. 

We are devoting particular attention to it and will share if any news is declared by the creators or the showrunners.

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Full Metal Panic Season 5 – When It Will Premiere?

Full Metal Panic Season 5

Studio Xebec hasn’t announced Full Metal Panic Season 5, so no updates are available related to the premiere date. Moreover, all the FMV parts almost take two to three years to produce.

Since the show is not officially confirmed by the creators so no release date is available yet. We all have to wait for the creator’s statement. We are expecting the season in fall 2021 or early 2022. As the release date arrives, we will update the section with it. 

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Full Metal Panic Season 5

We are presuming the previous characters in the reprised role in season 5. All the primary characters will be back in the series with some of the news faces, to engage you in the series. Both are leading personalities of the show will be back. Here, are some details regarding them:

Sousuke Sagara: Sousuke is one of the leading warriors of the series. He is a 17-year-old captain within Mithril and also part of the Mithril’s Special Response Team (SRT) of the Western Pacific Battle Group. 

Kaname Chidori: The next is the female leading member of the show, Kaname is a student studying in Jindai High School. Although she is only 16 years old but she possesses special abilities through which has deep insight into advanced mathematics and science. 

Except for these, there are some other characters that are highly expected in season 5. Here is a list of them:

  • Teletha Testarossa.
  • Kurz Weber.
  • Belfangan Clouseau.
  • Melissa Mao.
  • Andrey Kalinin.
  • Kyoko Tokiwa.

For the exact characters report, we have to wait for the maker’s words. Till then, let us know which is your favorite cast of the show. 

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Full Metal Panic Season 5 – When to Expect the Trailer?

We have to wait to have a glance at the first-look of the series. Until or unless the show sequel is fixed, we can’t say anything about the trailer. But there is another option for you. Simply, mark our website, you will get all the recent updates when the trailer will reveal.

Concluding Words

For this article, we have only one word- Wait..and…Wait. Like you, everyone is waiting for the statement of the makers so that we all can get clarity about the season. However, the series has high chances for its comeback and we are hoping for a positive wave from the showrunners

If you are looking for anything else about this article then comment below. Furthermore, for any support, drop your thoughts in the reference section. We will get back to you soon. 

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